Friday, July 5, 2013

After the 4th

I hope everybody had a fun-filled safe 4th of July celebration. I believe it was John Adams who said that the day should be filled with fun and fireworks every year. I spent the day at our Homeowner's Association cookout at our clubhouse and had a very nice time. Good, fun people and great food! My day started out with a very trying phone conversation. Have you ever met someone who is always right but yet so wrong? Here is the conversation I had with my neighbor:

Neighbor: "Is there a mail delivery today?"
Me:  "No."
Neighbor: "Why not? Is this one of those 17 plus paid days off the post office gets?"
Me: "It's a holiday."
Neighbor: "Since when?"
Me:  "Since 1776."
Neighbor: "What makes it a holiday?"
Me: "It's Independence Day, Jack. It's been a holiday since 1776."
Neighbor (Getting frustrated with my stupidity): Carole, it's only a holiday if someone says it is."
Me:  "Well, I believe George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Q. Adams, Ben Franklin and   many more declared it a holiday back in 1776."
Neighbor:  "Well, I have had 53 jobs and I never got the day off, so it's not a big holiday."
Me: "Some industries can't shut down for the day but almost all will compensate a worker by paying holiday pay."
Neighbor: "I never got holiday pay. What kind of holiday pay are you talking about?"
Me: "Most companies pay their workers double-time for working that day."
Neighbor: "Well, I never got it, so how can it be a big holiday?"
Me: "It's a national holiday."
Neighbor: "There is no such thing. It's not like Christmas or Thanksgiving."
Me: "It's a government holiday."
Neighbor: "Who said?"
Me: "Our forefathers. Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson....those guys."
Neighbor: "You don't know what you're talking about. I gotta go put my trash out."
Me: "There's no trash pick-up today."
Neighbor: "Why not?"
Me: "Same reason. It's a holiday."
Neighbor: "You're going to start this again?"