Thursday, January 9, 2014

This blog is finally working again

I don't have any idea what happened but I was unable to sign in to this blog or my other blog for months. I'm hoping that whatever the problem was, it is gone now.

I just want to say hello to everyone and to let everyone know that the first book in the "Testosterone Poisoning" series is just about ready for publishing. I'm working on the cover now. 

"Testosterone Poisoning, Book 1" will introduce Kyla Stanford, a photographer by trade, and the daughter of quirky billionaires who travel all over the world spreading wealth and cheer, while expanding their own fortune. In the first book, Kyla meets Storm Galloway, the man of her dreams. Storm is a narcotics detective with a special forces team--an attachment to a county police force. He has his own source of wealth. He started out in Financial Planning alongside his beloved uncle, who passes away, making Storm his sole heir.

Storm and  Kyla are perfect for each other and soon fall in love. But when Kyla's ex-boyfriend abducts her, their world falls apart, and Kyla's nightmare begins.

I will let everyone know when this book becomes available.