Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Remembering Eric McKee

I'm no poet, but this comes from the heart:

Lord, I hope You are happy.
I see no reason You would not be.
You see, it is ten years to the day
That You took my son from me.

 I am sure You had Your reasons--
Reasons I can not understand.
You took him without asking,
Ending all the things he had planned.

 No, it was not an accident;
It was the PNH disease.
I remember I begged You to spare him.
I begged and begged on my knees.

 The world lost a great man
That day Eric drew his last breath.
He had so much of himself to give;
But his giving ended with his death.

 He was such a joy here on Earth;
So I hope You can truly see
The wonderful husband, father, brother, son
You took from his wife, his child, his sister,
                                                            And me………….

Please visit for more information about PNH.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Poem by Terry Miller

                A Date With…?
Time is everything.  Death knows nothing.
Time can bring every pleasure known,
And even bringing sadness and
Distress to every child born.

Our bodies age tho’ minds remain hopeful.
Goals can be met and dreams come true.
Wars are fought and history changes.
No one knows when time is through.

How will they hear Who gave them life,
If, unsaved, they toil without sight?
Alone towards a date with the grave,
Dying to dark, not living for future Light.
                terry miller

Congratulations to Marshall and Masuko

My brother Marshall and Masuko, his lady of 30 years finally decided to tie the knot. FINALLY! Well, I always considered her to be family, anyway.

I had to laugh though, because they got married at the Court House--nothing fancy--but she wore a tee-shirt I had sent her. The LOGO:
 Books by Carole McKee

"Second Chances" at Barnes & Noble

"Second Chances" is now available at Barnes & Noble. for some reason the manuscript did not upload properly the first time, so I re-uploaded it. It is there now for all Nook users. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Second Chances"

Second Chances is now available on Smashwords as well as Guys! You can read this, too! There is not a lot of mush in it. I know how you guys hate all that huggy-kissy stuff. Well, you won't find it in this book.

But don't turn away, ladies! There's plenty of the warmth that we all look for in a novel.

This is slightly different from my normal writing, but my editor, Diane assures me that it is good. So give it a try!

Second Chances will appear at Barnes & Noble soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Book!

"Second Chances" is now available for Kindle and Nook readers.

About the book:

Melanie Thomas believes that sometimes people who are down on their luck just really need that little boost upward to improve their quality of life; and she can provide that. Since she started her tee-shirt embossing shop she has made a difference in her employees' lives by giving them a new lease on life--hope--a second chance. Her employees are grateful and dedicated to her, but someone else wants her property for his own purpose. Things start happening after he approaches her with an offer to buy her building--an offer she immediately turns down. When inspectors start showing up, Melanie believes it's a ploy to force her to sell and she silently laughs about it. But when the building burns, she knows exactly who to accuse. It hurts because she was falling in love with him. It seems everyone needs a second chance now and then.

I believe both men and women will enjoy this book.

"Second Chances" will be available on Smashwords soon.