Saturday, February 4, 2012


Already February 4th. My goodness! Time is flying by!

Today I want to introduce you to "Choices," my second book. Some say this is my best, but you can decide for yourself. "Choices" was supposed to be a single one-title book, but those who read it didn't want it to end. They wanted more Ricky and Lindy! So I wrote another book following their story. A third book came after that, but it wasn't about Ricky and Lindy (Alhough they were mentioned in it). I will be adding those books to this blog in a couple of days.

Lindy and Ricky are young and in love. Lindy is pretty, blond and petite, and is still grieving over the loss of her mother and sad because her father ignores her. Ricky, tall, dark, and extremely handsome, still misses his father who died suddenly from a heart attack when Ricky was thirteen. Since he just can't get along with his nagging mother, she sends him away from Chicago to live with his uncle in Pittsburgh. On his second day in a new school, he meets Lindy, and from the moment they meet they are dazzled by the strong electricity between them. By the end of the day a strong bond has already begun to form between them. Their relationship is challenged by many adversities, but through it all, the bond only becomes stronger and makes them even more determined to be together. Ricky's Uncle Nick Loves both Lindy and Ricky and recognizes that their love for each other is very real. He becomes a strong ally in their corner as they challenge the rest of the world defending their love and the right to be together forever.

According to the reviews on "Choices" many people couldn't put it down, and many read all 500 pages in 2 days!! Was I flattered or what? You bet I was!!

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