Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Remembering Eric McKee

I'm no poet, but this comes from the heart:

Lord, I hope You are happy.
I see no reason You would not be.
You see, it is ten years to the day
That You took my son from me.

 I am sure You had Your reasons--
Reasons I can not understand.
You took him without asking,
Ending all the things he had planned.

 No, it was not an accident;
It was the PNH disease.
I remember I begged You to spare him.
I begged and begged on my knees.

 The world lost a great man
That day Eric drew his last breath.
He had so much of himself to give;
But his giving ended with his death.

 He was such a joy here on Earth;
So I hope You can truly see
The wonderful husband, father, brother, son
You took from his wife, his child, his sister,
                                                            And me………….

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