Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7-Line Challenge

Sharla Shults has tagged me in the 7-line challenge. So here is line 7 of page 7 of "Maddie's Garden."

“I appreciate that these two are fine, but wouldn’t common sense tell you that somebody had to be very worried about these two being gone so long? You could have tried to make contact with their parents.”  
“They told me they lived far away, and I had no idea how to contact anybody. They didn’t know their telephone number or their address.” 
 “Well, did you even volunteer to walk them home? Or maybe call the police?”
            Maddie’s back began to bristle. “You have a lot of nerve. I have just spent the past five

And now it is my turn. Here are my 7:

Winsome Campbell-Green

Sandra Bellamy

Boyd Lemon

Lisa April Smith

Jay Rankin

Barbara Ann Derkson

Ronnie Dauber

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