Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Although Memorial Day is traditionally a day of remembrance of our deceased loved ones, lost to us while serving in the military, we also remember those civilians who passed away. Memorial Day  is a day of remembering, reflecting, and reminiscing as we honor those who served our country and those we loved. 

I remember and honor my father, a WWII Veteran. He served in Europe and came home with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, leaving the military as a decorated Master Sergeant. He came home alive, and married my mom. They had me first, and then they were blessed with four sons. 

Eddie Mack deserves to be honored on this day. 

My son, while never serving in he military, was destined for great things before losing his life to that terrible illness. 

Eric McKee deserves to be remembered on this day.

But, Folks, just take a moment and remember those who are still living. Say "hello" and "How are ya doing?" while you still can.  Don't wait until it's too late. Visit the grave sites of those who are gone, and then pick up the phone or get into your car and connect with those you love while you still can. 

Life is precious.

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