Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Moved!!

I have been soooo busy with this move. After living in the same apartment for 8 years, I finally moved into my own place. You can just imagine how much stuff one can accumulate in 8 years! I felt sorry for those guys who had to carry all those boxes of books. I know they were heavy, guys! Sorry! I'm a book freak. I'm living in my place and still looking at mountains of boxes to open and unpack. One box at a time....that's all I can do.

My computer desk didn't survive the move. It looked like it exploded when they were carrying it down the steps! I finally got a new one. It was really uncomforable trying to answer emails hunched over the chair my monitor, mouse, and keyboard sat on, so I didn't do much else other than get through the emails.

Hopefully I can spend a little more time here at the computer now that my transition is all downhill from here.

Have a great Sunday and a fine week.

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