Sunday, August 19, 2012


Typos are so common, especially when spell check isn't used. But even with spell check they can occur. Since I am a good speller, it disturbs me when I see anything I've posted having a misspelled word in it. I like to think that the word isn't misspelled--it's a typo. And it usually is. In my last post the word 'immediately' has the a missing. I hate that!

So my apologies for that missing letter a. Now for another misused word:

Your vs You're:

Your.........denotes ownership--belonging to you.

You' a contraction for you are.

That's it for today. Happy Sunday!!


  1. Thanks for the useful tips, Carole!

  2. I'm a good speller too and some pet peeve of mine is:
    There- when referring to a place
    They're- They are

  3. Thank you, Carole. I have been an editor for 23 years and there are many things that jump off the page in my face, from newspapers and magazines, and yes, from myself (oops!). More so than typos, however, is the misuse of words in spoken conversation, ideal instead of idea is a big one here in Central Texas. I have no idea how that even gets misused (is that a word? lol) but it makes me cringe, so does irregardless (now accepted, but not proper grammar). Anyway, thanks for the chance to vent! Have a great day!