Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

May all the love and warmth of the season  fall upon all of you. Please take some time to count your blessings during this joyous time of the year.

My Christmas wishes to all of you are love, hope, and joy found in little things. Whether you are a gift-giver or a well-wisher, deliver with love and mean it. Those of you who are fortunate to receive gifts and good wishes, embrace the thought behind it in your heart.

The important thing to remember is that we can have too many sweaters or ties, but we can never have enough love.

Merry Christmas!

A special congratulations to Sharla Shults for her three blogging awards this month. Way to go, Sharla!!


  1. Thanks, Carole for the mention! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I started following your blog with Google Friend Connect. I'll show up as Kitten.

    BTW Would you be interested in a blog sharing? Check the info out @

    It is basically a copy/paste of 10 questions that you answer about your latest writing. I plan to post mine this week which allows a week for each person I recognize to respond on their own blog. Just let me know on G+.